Trust in the Compassionate Care Offered at People’s Care Institute

By Elizabeth Ferrari

After a series of unexpected but welcome events in the spring of 2016, Dr. Frantz Pierre-Louis and Dr. Esira Jaimie Beaubrun followed their own path and vision and opened People Care Institute in June 2017 to bring compassionate, people-centered care to Bloomfield, New Jersey and the neighboring areas.

Dr. Pierre-Louis is Board Certified as an Infectious Disease Specialist and an Internist. As a graduate of the State University of Haiti Faculty of Medicine (MD), he followed his passion for Internal Medicine by successfully completing his residency at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Dr. Pierre-Louis then aspired to better the human condition by tackling infectious diseases through a fellowship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry – New Jersey.

Dr. Beaubrun is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist. After beginning her medical career also at the State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, she discovered her calling in the treatment of the whole patient. Dr. Beaubrun went on to further her commitment to patient care by successfully completing her residency in internal medicine at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr. Pierre-Louis and Dr. Beaubrun are not only partners in life and the proud parents of two daughters, but they have also paired up to bring compassionate medical care to their community. Preventative and restorative health care is offered to patients 18 and older at their Bloomfield office and several nearby hospitals.Both Dr. Pierre-Louis and Dr. Beaubrun are affiliated
with numerous hospitals located near their office as displayed
on their website

“They value an integrative approach to health.”

They fundamentally and “unapologetically” treat people with ailments ranging from hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, allergies to sepsis,MRSA, Lyme disease, HIV, and Hepatitis etc..
Constantly promoting complete healing is their ultimate goal. They have earned the trust of their patients with their dedicated patient-centered approach, offering no less than the best care
that you deserve.

At People Care Institute, Drs. Pierre-Louis and Beaubrun treat the whole person, not just the disease. They attach particular importance to all aspects of preventative medicine. Educating and informing patients on the health effects of nutrition, environment, supplements, and vaccinations help build positive long-term relationships. They work with and respect many other doctors in the community who also care for their patients ; they offer many age appropriate screenings for cancer and specific preventable diseases; they essentially offer personalized health coaching for a variety of health conditions and this sets them apart.

Patients prefer the people-centered approach offered at People Care Institute, as evidenced by their testimonies:“Dr. Beaubrun has an extraordinary ability to connect with patients and make them feel at ease, she is honest and caring and there is no better patient’s advocate than her.”

“Dr. Pierre-Louis is compassionate and humanist totally dedicated to the cause of his patients, and he practices medicine with his heart and his mind which allow him to diagnose some-
times very rare diseases that could elude many….. he seems to always have a plan for everything, if not he definitely knows where to find it “

They always strive to be accessible to their patients when needed and they go to great length to remain in contact with their patients and exceed their expectations. For example, they use
reliable technology as another way to connect safely with patients through Telemedicine services which allows their patients sometimes to see them from anywhere through their computer
before a more formal visit in the office.

Because they value an integrative approach to health, their web-site and monthly blogs promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes that can be adapted and personalized for every patient.
Drs. Pierre-Louis and Beaubrun believe health is an asset worth more than one’s bank account. It is essential that all people have health care providers in their corner they can rely on. They are eternally grateful to their patients and they appreciate that there is no greater gift in life, and no greater privilege, than being able to preserve it and impact it in a meaningful way.