Which is Alkaline?

“Water makes up two thirds of human body weight.”

Water is the fountain of health. Water makes up two thirds of human body weight. Water lubricates the body, regulates body temperature, removes body toxins and transports essential nutrients.

Alkaline water is a liquid and anti-oxidant that neutralizes the free radicals in the body responsible for aging and cancer. It balances the pH of the body creating an environment where disease cannot thrive, and the body absorbs more water because alkaline water has a smaller molecular cluster size,
The cluster size also gives is a smoother taste. The benefit of drinking alkaline is clear, but how do you know if the water you’re buying is true alkaline water.

Alkaline drinking water has a higher pH than tap or bottled water. Correct body acid-alkaline balance, between 7.20 to 7.45 is important to proper health. Drinking alkaline water can over time bring the body back to its normal healthy alkaline state. There are steps that you can take to ensure that the water you are getting is true alkaline water.

The best way to know if the water you’re purchasing is true alkaline is to test it using full range pH test drops or a pH meter, both sold on line or in retail stores, Also buy your alkaline water from a reputable source, test it if you feel the need and enjoy the health benefit of drinking alkaline water.