Health, Wellness & Fitness

Health Wellness & Fitness magazine is a content driven hyper-local publication targeted at the health conscious & curious, active and non-active, sick & healthy.

Experienced writers, journalist, staff writers, and health care professionals combine to deliver trustworthy, accurate, and timely health news, information and resources.

Our goal is to inform and support the upward momentum of Americans trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Also, provide physicians, health care professionals, trainers, gyms and healthy eating businesses a platform to reach local residents.

Health Wellness & Fitness magazine is available in 8 US markets. The majority of content is “localized” for each market. The articles, content, profiles, features and ads are about people you know, neighbors you see, businesses and restaurants you can travel to, health clubs, trainers and classes in your community and local doctors and health professionals you can schedule an appointment with.

We use power and effectiveness of print, the internet, social media, content and digital marketing, sponsorship events and other emerging platforms to communicate, inform, advise, educate and motivate our readers towards a healthier lifestyle.