Build Your Own Bowl at Sweetberry Bowls

By Elizabeth Ferrari

Sweetberry Bowls takes your taste buds on an adventure, and your body will thank you later! Founder and CEO, Desi Saran, along with his partner, Frankie Lo Picco-lo, believe in the potential of the human body. With a strong desire to promote a healthier lifestyle, their dream is to be at the forefront of the clean eating movement in Montclair.

What Makes Sweetberry Bowls special?

Our bowls are handcrafted in the store according to each customer’s personal tastes. Whether you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to fuel your next workout, or you are simply focusing on nutrition and overall health, we have something for you. Vegan or vegetarian? We have you covered, too!

Sweetberry Bowls utilizes the power of super fruits like açai, pitaya and coconut. Kale and spinach pack the punch in our Green Bowls. The Acai Bowl has quickly become a customer favorite. Our Steel-Cut Oatmeal fills you up as it warms you from the inside out, and our made-to-order Smoothies give you the boost you need to get through your day.

We offer dairy-free options made with coconut or almond milk. Gluten-free granola and organic agave, flax seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries, vegan protein, kombucha and coconut water
are just some of the personalized options you have when ordering from Sweetberry Bowls.

A New Take on BYOB

BYOB takes on a new life with our “build your own bowl” option. Customers begin by choosing a base (Açai, Pitaya, Coconut or Green), and yes, you can mix and match bases. Next, they choose between sweet granola or gluten-free granola before deciding which 3 fruits they would like to add. We then top it off with a tasty drizzle (honey, agave, peanut butter, almond butter and Nutella). You can stop there or choose to add extra toppings such as coconut flakes, raw sliced almonds, flax seeds,
hemp seeds, chia seeds, bee pollen, cacao nibs or goji berries.

Who are we, really?

Sweetberry Bowls was formally introduced to the world on November 13, 2017. We are a small business located at 19 Church Street in Montclair that cares about our town, schools, civil service workers, and visitors. One of our goals is to provide a positive image of the town of Montclair.

We are proud of the young, wild and free environment we have created at Sweetberry Bowls. We add a touch of sweetness to round out the experience. Our staff is well educated on the latest health trends, so they understand the importance of promoting health awareness and nutrition. Our music fits our demographic and our personalities. The environment we have created is suited for all ages and has quickly become a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Desi Saran and Frankie Lo Piccolo are unique individuals who seek to exceed the expectations of the health food industry. They have perfected a new way to bring artisan-style food to
the masses. Whether you already enjoy healthy eating habits,
or you hope to make changes to your exercise or weight management programs, our products help you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Desi lives in Edgewater, NJ and has an MBA from Rutgers Business School. Coming from a background in startups and restaurants, he is building Sweetberry Bowls into a national
brand. Frankie resides in Montclair, NJ and is a 9-year US Navy Veteran. His expertise in small business, restaurants and real estate bring a unique perspective to the business.

Our staff is professional and known for providing excellent customer service. They never hesitate to tell customers about new products or how BYOB works to meet their needs. Our
customers regularly comment on the positive aura as they enter Sweetberry Bowls. Our first priority has always been to provide exceptional service to all who enter the store. Any student that
can show a valid school ID will get 10% off their purchase. Our second location in Fort Meyers, Florida opened on December 12th, with other locations in New Jersey to follow.