StretchLab isn’t like other health and fitness clubs. It takes the ancient art of stretching, redefines it, and makes it personal and unique. Each person’s body is different, and each stretching routine should be different, too.

By finding ways to address imbalances, tension, and other physical causes of discomfort, you can reclaim freedom, ease of motion,
and joy in your life.

What Can StretchLab Do for You?

If you really want to be actively engaged in your life, StretchLab can help you do just that. The company’s philosophy is based on making people more flexible and helping them prevent injuries.

With proper stretching that’s tailor-made for them, they’ll have fewer injuries and less pain to worry about.  “We don’t always realize it, but our bodies hold every experience and habit that we have had in life. This can result in congestion and blockages that lead to inflexibility, pain, and in worse cases structural degeneration.

The good thing is that because the muscles have memory, the more proactive and consistent one can be, the better the results. With proper stretching that’s tailor-made for them, they’ll have fewer injuries and less pain to worry about.

The First StretchLab Franchise in the World

Dave Weaving, Stretch Lab Franchise owner opened the first Stretch Lab franchise in the world in Livingston, NJ. There were already three company-owned studios in California, but Weaving opened the first franchise. You can now find Stretch Labs in Morristown.

He’s really enjoying it, and so are the people in his franchise area.  Stretch Lab offers clients the opportunity to stretch the way it should be done. StretchLab takes traditional stretching a step further by applying resistance to receive a deeper stretch, as well as utilizing the PNF technique (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), which effectively increases range of motion by systematically contracting and releasing targeted muscle groups.

All of StretchLab’s Flexologists have prior relevant certifications before entering the Flexology Training Program. With diverse backgrounds such as Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Physical Therapy, advanced Yoga experience or degrees in Exercise Science, Weaving’s staff can safely cater to a multitude of imbalances.

Prior to opening his StretchLab franchise, Weaving worked at a franchise company called Realogy that showed him there was a market for benefits and wellness, as he suddenly had the opportunity for developing a wellness initiative. He started this initiative for 11,000 people at his company which resulted in greater health outcomes for his employees.

After retiring, he was looking for a new challenge. After ample research and due diligence, he came across StretchLab. It made sense as a business model, and he also believed in the power and value of stretching.

Xponential Fitness owns StretchLab, and Weaving did his diligent research into both companies before he decided to take the plunge.

His daughter pointed out to him that he’s always telling her “Don’t be like me, keep stretching”, so he signed the paperwork and opened the first franchise in the world.