By Sharon M. Carillo

I chatted with Leilah and David Tyree about their new business adventure, “Tyree Nation,” (comprised of seven children), their 15-year strong marriage, and their love of all
things healthy.


What I expected was a story about juice,but what I got from this dynamic duo was their desire to servethe Morristown community with excellence and a servant’s heart.

David, a former NFL player most notable for his famous “Helmet Catch” while playing for the Giants, was quick to point out that his greatest catch was Leilah.

David Tyree #85 of the New York Giants catches a 32-yard pass from Eli Manning

He added, “sports has generated a lot of provision, favor, and blessing, and I considered how the decisions I make in all areas of life, including stepping into an entrepreneurial space, can pave a pathway and set an example for the people I have the privilege of serving, mentoring, and loving, to realize all facets of opportunity.”

They fell in love with the Clean Juice model while visiting friends in North Carolina during a 15-day cleanse. Committed to finishing strong by finding a local juice store, they arrived at Clean Juice, and David was impressed.

From the inviting layout, staff, and experience, it inspired him to learn more about
the company. The “marriage” came when solid branding and great product merged with the uncompromising values both the company and the Tyrees share.


The Original Certified, Non-GMO franchise concept, Clean Juice, ensures their products and quality are held to the highest standards. David believes in pushing the bar as high as possible while educating and empowering people to see the value in placing a premium on essential things like nutrition and health.

At the helm is Leilah, committed to a lifestyle of health and wellness since her nursing school days. Knowing the desire most of us have to develop better habits, she has an unbridled passion for building and mentoring people.

“Clean Juice allows us to build up people because we can interact through the selling of juices and bowls, and we can get behind it because it’s something we live. It’s great to be a part of other people’s story in some way.

At home, juicing is very complicated because you have to go to the store so often, and the ingredients are everything. At Clean Juice, we make it simple for people to get quality, organic nutrition on the go. We are excited to jump in and be a part of an emerging community of health-oriented people in Morristown.” she said.

Seasonal menus, freshly made in-store juices, acai bowls, nutritious toast, and a fully stocked refrigerator of Cold-Pressed, pre-made juices, ensure optimal nutrition is truly “grab and go.”

The Cold Pressed juices last three to five days, and preserve the highest level of enzyme and nutrient value, not being exposed to heat pasteurization like other pre-bottled juices.

There is something for everyone at Clean Juice, Morristown. Located across from the
Library at 68 South Street in Morristown, the Tyrees should be ready to go just in time to kick off a healthy 2020!

“We are going to work to lead, serve, and train our staff in a manner that carries the same spirit of loving people — to have a sense of care and desire to help people just because they are amazing.

That’s what life is all about, servant-leadership. A sense of community can contribute to a longer life, and we hope that us being there will provide health to Morristown.”

It looks like Leilah and David Tyree will be serving up much more than smoothies at Clean Juice, Morristown!