By Rodney Folmar, Sr.


Thank You all in Emergency for saving my wifes life. I Love you all

2020 has been a year of controversy and dramatic change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone has been affected in some fashion, either through ‘stay at home orders’ or essential workers being forced to go over and above what is normally expected of them.

It is during these times that we have to look inward and search for the resolve to work together.

For some, these changes have meant devastating loss and turmoil. Not being able to go to work has left many stranded with no income.

Others who have had to work from home struggle from the loss of their freedom and inability to go out and about as they please. Sacrifices are made on a daily basis and everyone has been impacted to some degree.

It has been during these trying times that essential workers have shown their resiliency, many having to work double shifts or take drastic measures to protect their own safety.

Each day, they go out into the world facing the unknown with courage and a strong will to make life easier for others. There are essential workers in every industry.

Every person plays a vital role, but the essential workers are the cement that is holding the country together.

Healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses who work in hospitals and emergency medical teams are forced to spend days and even weeks away from their families to ensure their safety.

They must constantly endure the testing that is required to ensure they have not been exposed or are not a carrier of this dreaded virus.

Many work for hours on end, only to get called back onto the front lines when a co-worker falls ill.

Look closely at those around you and realize that each and every person you meet has a story. Many are dealing with painful memories or are continuing to struggle to get through each day.

Others are slowly becoming accustomed to the new patterns and are actually using them to their advantage to build a better life and reconnect with their families.


As the #1 hospital in the area, Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ is bearing the brunt of care against this disease.


The staff is stepping up and doing what needs to be done to ensure every patient they care for receives the best care possible.

To all of the healthcare workers and other essential workers who continually risk their lives to make this world a safer place, THANK YOU for all that you do today and will continue to do tomorrow!