Prediabetes An Opportunity of A Lifetime

If you’ve received the diagnosis of Prediabetes from your physician, you have been gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in head first to managing your health. Jump in like you did to plan your wedding, decorate the nursery or map out the vacation you saved years to enjoy. If you can muster that same level of dedication and passion, you can make changes today that will better your quality of life for years to come..

Prediabetes is diagnosed when your results from a fasting blood glucose test, reports numbers slightly higher than the normal range. According to The Cleveland Clinic, the number of women diagnosed with Prediabetes has risen from 15.5% in 2001 to 50.5% in 2010. As women, we face challenges to our health that come to us naturally. Thanks Mother Nature! Hormone fluctuations over time can increase our fat deposits, making weight gain a challenge to overcome. Being overweight increases your risk of Diabetes significantly. Scary stuff, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Although medications are available and widely prescribed for combating Prediabetes, simple lifestyle changes; like a 5-10% weight loss can make close to immediate effects. By limiting excess sugar in your diet, natural and added, you can reverse the diagnosis and slow the progress of disease.

For most of us, the action taken immediately after a diagnosis like Prediabetes is the most life altering and can be the most aggressive. We vow to stop the snacking, eliminate the sweets and make the changes you may have been meaning to make for ages. But, the problem with aggressive changes catapulting off of emotion is the changes are without sustainable support.

At the time of diagnosis, the increase for heart disease and stroke has already doubled. Do not wait to have a major health crisis to take control of your future. Diagnosis day is as perfect a time as ever to focus on your health with the help of a team of professionals. Seek out professionals in both diet and exercise, who have experience working with Diabetics. Look at credentials, experience and energy to find a fit for you and your lifestyle. Invest the time and resources to start planning for changes that will better the health of your future self.

You are worth it!