Meet the 33-year-old Nurse Practitioner (NP) aiming to revolutionize access to healthcare for urban communities.

Rakiyah Jones, DNP, FNP-BC or “Dr. Kai”, as called by his patients, started his journey of helping others with the vision of serving under served communities in and around Montclair, New Jersey.

He takes a special interest in those communities who are frequently overlooked, including People of Color, Transgender and Gender Non-Binary (TGNB), and Veterans.

Dr. Kai has an unwavering desire to give back to the community in which he was raised. His love of medicine and dream of helping those who have little, to no access to healthcare services, has guided him along the way.

After serving his countryon active duty as an Army Nurse Corps Officer he returned home to continue his advanced education. While working towards those degrees he realized there was more that he could do then just graduate and work for another company.

This led him to become an entrepreneur, and he founded, the Minority and Veteran owned KinFolk Health brand leading to the KinFolk Family Health Center in Montclair, New Jersey.

KinFolk Family Health Center’s Values

“At KinFolk Family Health, quality always outweighs quantity, which is why we deliver value-based, not volume-based care,” says Dr. Kai. “We build strong relationships with our patients, we create these bonds by providing each patient with affordable, patient-centered and community-focused healthcare.

We provide a unique holistic nursing approach, which focuses on not only illness, but self-care, wellness and quality of life. The care that vulnerable communities deserve, but lack access.”

There is a Gap in Primary Health Care: A Gap Nurse Practitioners Can Fill

Due to the shortages in the number of doctors choosing a career in primary care, the number of physicians available to replace retiring primary care providers is lacking.

However, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP), estimates there are more than 270,000+ licensed Nurse Practitioners in the U.S.

As the physician shortage continues, Nurse Practitioners have answered the call.

Licensed Nurse Practitioners have been providing primary, specialty and acute health care to people of all ages for more than 50 years.

As a result, Nurse Practitioners are closing the gap being left by the limited number of physicians providing primary care and they are performing many of the same services. In collaboration with their physician colleagues, Nurse Practitioners ensure patients have competent quality care and receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner – a hallmark of KinFolk Family Health.

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Payment Model

Kinfolk Family Health offers the Direct Primary Care Payment model. With this payment model, claims are not sent to insurance providers; instead, a DPC payment arrangement is made between the patient and KinFolk Family Health. To participate in our DPC model, patients must be at least 18 years of age.

Upon joining the Kinfolk Family, the patient pays a flat monthly membership premium and receives unlimited office and Telehealth visits, requiring no co-pays or deductibles, and much more.

The monthly premium an individual pays is determined by age:

18-29: $79.99
30-49: $89.99
50+: $99.99 65+ (Medicare Non-Eligible): $139.99
65+ (Medicare Non-Eligible): $139.99
Health Insured (All Ages): $39.99

Dr. Kai wants to ensure his members are covered for not only their primary care needs, but for those unexpected medical events causing significant financial burden and strain on families.

As a result, KinFolk Family Health partnered with Sedera Health, a medical cost-sharing community. Enrolling in KinFolk membership plan offers the option to add a Sedera Health plan to cover the larger healthcare needs at approximately half the cost of traditional insurance.

Dr. Kai believes everyone should have access to affordable and quality whole-person focused health care, which is why he offers additional self-care options focusing on mind, body and spirit such as monthly acupuncture and massage therapy sessions.

Unfortunately, health insurance and self-care services are not always accessible for vulnerable communities. In response, Dr. Kai has developed an affordable and innovative healthcare delivery model to provide patient-directed medical care at a lower cost, start-to-finish.

KinFolk Family Health is also an excellent option for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to offer quality affordable healthcare to their employees.  Health care services are delivered by Board Certified KinFolk Family Health Nurse Practitioners.

Also, patients who are in the military and/or a student receive a 15 percent discount (School ID and/or Proof of Military Status Required).

KinFolk Family Health
292 Bloomfield Avenue, 2nd floor,
Montclair, New Jersey
T: 973-500-6773
Fax: 973-4534066

Rakiyah T. Jones, DNP, MBA, MPH, AGACNP, FNP-BC, was raised in Newark, New Jersey.

He received his Master of Science and Doctor of Nursing Practice in Family Nurse Practitioner degrees from the School of Nursing at Columbia University in New York, a post-master’s certificate in Adult-Gerontology and Acute Care from the University of Pennsylvania and completed a Fellowship in Palliative and End-of-Life Care at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, NY through Columbia University.

In addition, he continues to proudly serves the country as a Captain Jones in the United States Army Reserve. He currently resides in East Orange, New Jersey, with his wife, Lanita Ward-Jones, and son, Harper.