Cardio is our safe place. We have been there, we know how far, how fast and how many calories we burn when we do it. But there are times when we question, what else can we be doing? Maybe it comes with the change in seasons, that injury flared up again or maybe you’re just ready to see changes in your body that the same ole’, same ole’ just isn’t getting done. If you find yourself stuck in the same routine and ready for a change, you are not alone. The concept of jumping out of the cardio rut and venturing out into the world of weights and resistance bands, can strike us all at one point or another. Don’t know where to start? Keep reading.

When seeking to make changes to our current routine, many of us look for the perfect Cross-training “program” to keep us motivated. Spoiler alert- there is no perfect program.
The sad part is, when you find yourself ready to take the leap into Cross-training, it could be the overwhelming number of options you’ll find during your search that pushes you right back into the familiar. Don’t allow yourself to get derailed from your goals to change. You are in control of your choices and the driver of your destiny. There is something out there that is possible for you to do and dare I say, can be enjoyable!

If you find your head spinning with options for Cross-training routines, facilities, trainers and protocols, try to embrace the chaos of what is available. Start with making a list of a few methods that you are willing to try and seek out more information on how to get started. Do your research and take your time, but do tryout all of the options you have listed and give everything a fair chance to work for you. You never know what may stick.

The argument for adding in Cross-training is a strong one. None of us want to be relying on someone else to cook our meals or shuffle us around when we are in our golden years. Putting your muscles to work now and shaping them to keep you upright, hold you when you lose your balance and keep your bones and joints stable, are all things Cross-training, as part of a regular workout routine can provide for you.

According to The American College of Sports Medicine, women who strength train can see a reduction in bone density loss, have lower instances of osteoporosis and can retain muscle strength longer, leading to healthier and more self-sufficient aging. As plentiful as the benefits are, adding in Cross-training to your routine means you may need to get a bit uncomfortable. Wait, what? Yes, uncomfortable. Remember back to that feeling of walking into a new classroom on the first day? That uneasy feeling you felt, as though you knew you needed to be there, but you had no idea how it was going to go? That feeling, right there is where you will need to put yourself. When the feeling strikes, try to remember, everyone was new once.

The benefits of Cross-training will be well worth the anxiety felt getting started and it can be liberating. Wear the soreness and muscle fatigue like a badge of honor. A job well done and progress made. Keep an open mind when looking for something new and always seek the advice of a trained professional to guide you along the uncomfortable road to success.