I’d like to lose weight and get into shape, and a friend recommended getting a personal trainer.

Do I really need one?

My friend went on and on about the benefits of a certified personal trainer. They apparently have special expertise and advanced knowledge of general fitness, especially as it relates to human anatomy, exercise and nutrition.

She said that personal trainers are able to design and execute exercise fitness programs for individuals and small groups.

They can tailor the exercise programs to the needs and goals of each person they train, whether those goals focus on losing weight, building muscle mass, improving cardiovascular or overall health, or simply to move around more.

She also said her personal trainer motivates and encourages her when she wants to quit.

But do I need all that?

Maybe so. To help me decide, I have written down a few reasons I might need a personal trainer.

1. I’ve hit a plateau – I’m not reaching my goals. I’ve spent countless hours (and money) at the gym and exercising at home, and I’m not getting anywhere.

I’m considering getting a personal trainer to assess my current program and look for ways to make it more effective and efficient. Maybe my trainer can help me determine if my goals are just unrealistic – I do tend to set my sights too high when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

2. I don’t know where to start
I didn’t realize how complex it is – there’s a lot more to it than doing a few sit ups and jogging around the block.

I’m hoping a personal trainer can get me started on the right path.

3. I don’t have a lot of time – I don’t want to waste a lot of time exercising – I have an actual life that involves work, taking care of my family, and doing the other stuff that normal people do. With any luck, a personal trainer can show me how to get results fast, without a lot of
excess sweat.

4. I’m already bored – Working out bores me to tears, but I know that boredom leads to workout ruts, which can then lead to plateaus, overuse injuries, and burnout. A personal trainer can bring a fresh perspective to my workout, and make exercise more fun.

5. I need to be challenged and held accountable – It’s easy to slack off when I am by myself. My personal trainer can push me to try a little harder, challenge me to do more reps and encourage me to work a bit longer than I otherwise would. A personal trainer can hold me accountable – knowing that I have an appointment with a pro can help me stay on track inside and outside
of the gym.

6. I have specific needs – I’ve got a bad back and other conditions that could benefit from exercise, but can also make it hard to move around. My friends have suggested that a personal trainer could make me better at sports (thanks, guys!). I’m also hopeful that my personal trainer could help me run a marathon, which has been on my bucket list forever.

After quite a bit of consideration, I think I will get a personal trainer. Now I just have to decide which one.