Complete Women’s Imaging

Complete Women’s Imaging

Complete Women’s Imaging, PC, located at 990 Stewart Avenue, in Garden City, N.Y. is a unique, patient centric Breast Imaging and Ultrasound center, dedicated to the principle that “A mammogram is NOT enough. Every woman deserves a compassionate specialist in a caring partnership for breast health.”

Founded in 2006, by Dr Abraham Port, a former director of Breast Imaging at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City, CWI opened its doors to provide patients, men, and women alike, with a center where a team of specialists combined the latest technology with the utmost patience, kindness and understanding.

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More than 30 years after his interest in breast cancer began at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr Port was able to provide his patients with a center where they could find the answers they were looking for. Each patient would have access to both the diagnostic tools as well as the physicians who interpreted them. No more WAITING FOR RESULTS, the most stressful part of the “mammogram experience”.

In 2008, Dr George Autz, former director of Breast Imaging at North Shore/Long Island Jewish Hospital system, in Long Island, N.Y., joined the practice, with the same passion for helping patients.

Together, the two doctors continue to provide imaging services that are second to none. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women in the United States. The survival rate for those patients had dramatically improved since Dr Port first worked at Sloan Kettering in 1975 when 75 % of women diagnosed with breast cancer, did not survive 10 years. Today, women diagnosed with breast cancer are living longer than ever before. Most are cured. These incredible statistics are due to early detection and the role imaging now plays in how quickly the cancer can be diagnosed and treated.


One of the things that Dr Port and Autz are steadfast about is that no patient leaves CWI without the answers they need. When the examination is COMPLETELY done, the results of the tests are discussed with the patient, together WITH THE PHYSICIAN. Patients know that these radiologists will always be available to them. If necessary, additional procedures and biopsies are scheduled after appropriate explanations. These are performed on site by Drs Port and Autz.

By keeping their patients informed, both physicians are able to guide the treatment options and improve survival. They continue to consult as active liaisons with the patients’ treatment team. These unique extra features is what has led to their stellar reputation.

This special, unique form of diagnostic imaging: seeing patients one at a time, explaining results and helping them move forward clinically, with caring guidance and caring staff, is what makes Complete Women’s Imaging, as one patient commented, “excellent medical care in the kindest and most professional atmosphere.”


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  Mon to Fri 9:00am to  5:00pm

990 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, NY

Fax: 516-222-4880                                     

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Dr. Albert Granger is one of the most well-respected men in his profession and community.

Complete Women’s Imaging
Complete Women’s Imaging, PC, located at 990 Stewart Avenue, in Garden City, N.Y.

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