Habitat For Humanity

MORRIS HABITAT FOR HUMANITY EXPANDS MISSION   Morris Habitat for Humanity has been working to provide safe, decent and affordable housing for people in need in the Morris County area for 35 years. But when the pandemic struck, new crises challenged the organization to evaluate and broaden its mission. “The COVID-19 health crisis quickly became an economic crisis,” said Blair Schleicher Wilson, CEO of Morris Habitat. “We knew our housing work would be more important [...]

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The Dancing Blender Introduces the New Bantigo, an Acai Smoothie

The Dancing Blender Introduces the New Bantigo, an Acai Smoothie When a customer enters The Dancing Blender, they will always find a friendly face to take their order. Each member of the staff is dedicated to providing customers with the best service possible so they will look forward to returning again and again. The menu is full of flavorful smoothies, bowls, sandwiches and wraps that taste great and can be eaten on the go. Acai [...]

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Healthy Living by Healthy Eating

Healthy Living by Healthy Eating No single weight loss method, or eating program can work for everyone, one size dies not fit all. The ultimate goal should be long term health through healthy eating and exercise. In order to lose weight and keep it off, exercise is a key element, as it AIDS in increasing the metabolic rate, which helps fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. Fiber is important for weight loss, as it improves [...]

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Healthy Fresh and at your Doorstep

Healthy Fresh and at your Doorstep If you have ever come home from work too tired and spent from the day to cook and prep a healthy meal, Eat Clean Bro, the Freehold NJ-based meal delivery service is for you. Routing from a desire to share his passion for clean eating and simple meal preparation, Jamie Giovinazzo began cooking out of his parent’s kitchen serving and delivering clean, healthy meals to friends. From these humble [...]

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CONVENIENCE KILLS!!! SUICIDE BY FOOD By Dr. Velonda Thompson, Ph.D. It is no secret that obesity rates have risen in the United States over the past few decades as has the consumption of meals away from home, especially fast food. Food quality and quantity (portion control) are contributing culprits to bulging bellies. According to the 2011 CDC study, Fast-Food Consumption and Obesity Among Adults, “The prevalence of obesity increased consistently with frequency of fast-food consumption.” [...]

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